Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Oil spill...

Some more pictures from the massive oil spill in Lebanon that resulted from Israeli air raids on Fuel reservoirs in Jiyyeh.

15,000 tons od fuel-oil. 150 kms of coastline affected. European and mediterranean states have offered their expertise and equipment. Kuwait too has offered equipment. But don't shout for victory yet. They started "testing" the equipment in the port of Byblos, to make sure it is right for this type of oil.

[I noticed a lot of visitors like to see before/after comparisons. It's sad. But I obey to popular demand.]

Before, summer 2005... (my pictures from a lazy weekday at Edde Sands)

After, summer 2006... (pictures taken from here)

Monday, August 14, 2006

Zein, 12 years old, killed in Tyre, Lebanon

Her name was Zein. She was 12 years old. She was found killed yesterday under the rubble of the building where she lived in Tyre. She was holding her mother's hand so tight that the rescuers had trouble separating them. Her two brothers, aged 10 and 13 are still under the rubble, as rescuers were interrupted by Israeli bombing close by and had to abandon the digging.

She is one of 350 children under 12 who were killed during 4 weeks of war on Lebanon.

(picture from AlBalad)

Saturday, August 12, 2006

More civilians killed as Israel "widens offensive", Marjeyoun, Akkar, Rachaf

- After capturing the (non-resisting christian) town of Marjeyoun in Southern Lebanon, the Israeli army allowed a convoy of 1300 cars (carrying 4,000 people) to leave the town escorted by UNIFIL personnel and Red Cross staff. The convoy was later hit by 4 Israeli missiles in Kefraya: 7 were killed and 40 injured. (source: L'ORIENT-LEJOUR)

- An air strike on a bridge in Akkar (extreme North) killed 11 civilians and injured 15. (source: An-Nahar)

- TWO Red Cross volunteers were killed by Israeli strikes since the beginning of this war. (AlBalad, caricature by Stavro)

- An air raid on the southern town of Rachaf killed 15 civilians. (source: Guardian, "Israel widens attack despite UN resolution")

- On the Israeli side, and on the first day of the "wide offensive" to reach the Litani river, the Army lost 1 helicopter, several Merkava tanks (mainly in Wadi el Hujair); 15 24 soldiers were killed and 84 85 injured. (source:

Drafted Art

Please check out this group of Israeli artists.

"Soldier, Officer! don't take part in war crimes" by Lahav Halevy

"Stop Bombing Lebanon and Nancy Ajram" by Nimrod Kamer

Update on the oil spill in Lebanon

The oil spill caused by the July 14 and 15 Israeli attacks on the Jiyyeh powerplant's fuel-oil reservoirs has reached the coast of Syria (total of 140 km contaminated) and is threatening the marine life, including endangered species of sea turtles that lay eggs on Lebanese sands during the spring.

The time it will take to clean up is one year, the cost 150 Million US dollars, and the time for the negative impact to disappear at least 5 years.
Source: L'ORIENT-LEJOUR quoting the Lebanese Minister of the Environment

Here are some pictures and satellite images showing the extent of the oil spill: (larger than the Prestige spill in 2002, comparable to the Erika spill in 1999 and the Exxon Valdez spill in 1989) (source)

More on some of the species found in the palm islands nature preserve (off the coast of Tripoli and currently covered by oil), can be found on the Lebanese ministry of tourism website.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

More on the Shiyyah tragedy


More sad pictures from the aftermath of the Israeli airstrike on two (packed) residential buildings in Shiyyah / Chiyah, where 30 civilians were killed, more than 75 were injured, thanks to Israel's "precision bombings" (source: L'ORIENT-LEJOUR):

This baby girl's name was "Waad", which means "promise":

And pictures from the mass funeral:

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

New Israeli attacks: Shiyyah and southern villages, Lebanon


Yesterday, dozens of civilians were killed by airstrikes. Did Israel want revenge for the death of 12 SOLDIERS that were lining up in whats-that-kibbutz-called on the border to invade Lebanon?..

Here is a part of yesterday's civilian death count, according to the RED CROSS:

Shiyyah / Chiyah suburb of Beirut : 29 civilians killed, 75 injured (2 Israeli bombs, 2 residential buildings destroyed)
Village of Brital in Bekaa / Beqaa : 10 civilians killed, 23 injured
Village of Ghaziyyeh near Sidon : 6 civilians killed in one strike, 28 injured. 14 bodies retrieved from under rubble.
Village of Ghassaniyyeh in South: 7 civilians killed burried under their own house.
Village of Houla in South: 5 civilians killed, 60 retrieved ALIVE from shelter.
Village of El-Kfour : 1 mother and her 3-year-old child killed by an Israeli airstrike on their house.
Village of Kfar Tebnit in South : 4 civilians killed, 4 injured.

Today, the death toll kept growing. 13 civilians were killed in another airstrike on Ghaziyyeh, at the same time that the villagers were burrying those killed yesterday..

The strikes hit the Shia town of Ghaziyeh while mourners were holding a funeral procession for 15 people killed in air strikes yesterday, sending around 1,500 people running through the streets in panic.

The population of the town, which lies south of the port city of Sidon, has recently swelled to 23,000 as refugees from the fighting elsewhere in southern Lebanon have poured in.
(from a Guardian article)

(picture of the funeral before the strike, banner reads "this is America and Israel's democracy: massacres and destruction")(source: An-Nahar)

(caricature by Armand Homsi from An-Nahar,

The following are pictures from Shiyyah / Chiyah (journalists no longer have easy access to villages in South Lebanon, just like Humanitarian aid trucks):

Monday, August 07, 2006

How you can help - Donations

More than 100,000 displaced inside Lebanon are in urgent need of food, shelter, water, and basic medical supplies.

The following NGO's are non-partisan, working hard in refugee camps, shelters, schools, public parks.. Your help is much needed.
(Click on corresponding links or email me for more info)

DONATE ONLINE to the UNICEF's Emergency Relief Efforts in Lebanon.

DONATE ONLINE to Save The Children - UK - The INDEPENDENT Appeal for the Middle East Crisis.

DONATE to the Lebanese Red Cross / Red Crescent:
Acct#: 841500

DONATE ONLINE to the International Committee of the Red Cross -Lebanon Emergency

DON EN LIGNE à la Croix Rouge Française -Crise Humanitaire au Proche-Orient

DONATE ONLINE to the Canadian Red Cross -Lebanon Crisis

DONATE ONLINE to the American Red Cross -Lebanon Relief
OR send a check to:
American Red Cross
PO Box 470934
Cleveland, Ohio 44147
* at bottom left of check write: "For Lebanese Red Cross"

DONATE to Caritas-Liban (blog)

DONATE ONLINE to the Mercy Corps -Lebanon Crisis

DONATE ONLINE to the UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency) -Lebanon Emergency

DONATE ONLINE to World Vision -Lebanon Emergency Relief

DONATE to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul - LIBAN:

DONATE ONLINE to the Society of St. Vincent De Paul
*under Tribute, write: "Lebanese St. Vincent de Paul"

DONATE to the YMCA of Lebanon

DONATE to the Women's Humanitarian Organization

DONATE to Mowatinun

DONATE to Samidoun Relief Center

DONATE to the United Lebanon Foundation

Also visit:
Lebanon Under Siege
Sode Leb .org
Relief Lebanon .org
Save Leb .org

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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Israel attacks 33 farmers in Al Qaa, Eastern Lebanon


More killing of civilians in Israeli attacks..

Excerpts from a Guardian article:

Israeli aircraft struck deep into Lebanon yesterday, killing at least 33 Syrian Kurdish farm workers and destroying four bridges on a key aid route leading north from Beirut.

The attack on the farm workers, who were loading peaches and plums on to trucks at Qaa in the north of the Beka'a valley, was one of the single deadliest strikes of the war.

Most of the farmers were Syrian nationals of Kurdish ethnicity. Other than the 33 killed, another 30 were injured and transported to hospitals in Syria.

This map shows how far Al Qaa is from the Israeli border...

Friday, August 04, 2006

the Socialist Worker cover

The Socialist Worker weekly from the UK.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

"Some Israeli Attacks Amount to War Crimes" - Human Rights Watch on Lebanese casualties

From the latest HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH report:

Israeli forces have systematically failed to distinguish between combatants and civilians in their military campaign against Hezbollah in Lebanon, Human Rights Watch said in report released today. The pattern of attacks in more than 20 cases investigated by Human Rights Watch researchers in Lebanon indicates that the failures cannot be dismissed as mere accidents and cannot be blamed on wrongful Hezbollah practices. In some cases, these attacks constitute war crimes.

Hezbollah fighters must not hide behind civilians – that's an absolute – but the image that Israel has promoted of such shielding as the cause of so high a civilian death toll is wrong. In the many cases of civilian deaths examined by Human Rights Watch, the location of Hezbollah troops and arms had nothing to do with the deaths because there was no Hezbollah around.

To keep up with Israeli operations, you have to read their (tightly censored) newspapers. Or even better, watch CNN.

Today the Israelis claimed that their "classic commando operation" (cute terminology for "deadly assault in a civilian area") on the Hospital in Baalbeck was "successful". They successfully managed to capture 5 men (time will tell they have nothing to do with Hezbollah) and kill 14 other defenceless civilians, including women and children (source: L'ORIENT-LEJOUR). Of course they were all labeled as "Hezbollah terrorists" by the Israeli press (

These are some pictures of the "terrorists" killed in Baalbeck:

(pictures stolen from

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Destruction in southern Beirut suburbs (Dahyeh), Haret Hreik, Lebanon

A satellite view of he southern residential suburbs of Beirut (Dahyeh), after the recent Israeli air and naval strikes..

Before July 12..

After.. On July 22 click on image for larger view

After.. On July 31 click on image for larger view

A closer view at the damage.. (click here for larger image)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

More sad pictures from Qana/Cana, Lebanon


More pictures of the Qana massacre of more than FIFTY (50) Lebanese civilians in, or 'the Qana massacre II' (all the casualties are from two families: Chalhoub and Hachem)

(see the Qana massacre in 1996)

(see more pictures in previous post on the recent Qana massacre)

Monday, July 31, 2006

49 bodies removed from rubble in Srifa and other villages in South Lebanon

Israel annouced a 48-hour suspension of air raids (that they broke a few times) to conduct an investigation into the Qana massacre, the second (previous post).

Undoubtably the result of the probe will be as follows: "Hundreds of Khizbulla rockets were fired from the basement of that building, and all lights were off. Plus, we had warned all residents of South Lebanon to leave because we decided it was a warzone."

1- Qana/Cana is 13 kms away from the border. Katyusha rockets can reach 20 kms. There is apparently no reason for rockets to be lauched from Qana. (Human Rights organizations confirmed this fact a few days later)
2- Many Southern residents are extremely poor and could not afford to travel.
3- Many of those who tried to leave their homes were hit by Israeli planes and missile boats (remember Marwahin).
4- You can not tell everyone to leave and feel free to burn the shit out of the place! How about the entire population of Israel leaves their country because Hezbollah and Hamas decide it is a warzone?

Anyway, the 48-hour suspension of air strikes allowed the Red Cross and civil defense to reach more villages and roads where people were missing.

FOURTY-NINE (49) bodies were recovered on Monday alone. TWENTY-SIX (26) of them under the rubble of their homes in Srifa/Sreefa (previous post), NINE (9) in Zibqeen, FOUR (4) in Qleileh, and at least EIGHT (8) in their cars hit by Israeli missiles.

The death toll in Qana/Cana -so far- is: FIFTY-FOUR (54) civilians dead, at least THIRTY-SEVEN (37) of them children. (source: L'ORIENT-LEJOUR)

Here are a few independent French and UK newspapers cover (others like the NY Times and LA Times focused on "Israel suspending air raids")...

Sunday, July 30, 2006



(July 30th 2006, 1AM)

I am watching arabic TV online. Live broadcast. Bodies are being taken out of the rubble. Babies. Children. One man lost all his cousins, all children. A Red Cross worker is trying hard not to faint. His voice has faded. He's saying there was a strong smell of a chemical substance from the bombs.

(I just found a picture of him)

(All information from al-arabiya tv)

Israeli airplanes dropped missiles on a 3-storey building housing dozens of refugees in Qana*. Qana is strictly civilian and people have taken refuge here.

57 people have been hiding in the basement for several days, among them around 40 children (including 10 disabled), all aged between 7 months and 10 years, and the rest being women and elderly.

8 people survived. The rest is either dead or stuck under the rubble. Civil defense and trucks are not being able to get to the village, most roads and bridges having been destroyed earlier by Israeli raids.

Locations on the map are villages that have witnessed a large death toll among civilians after Israeli strikes.

Srifa: dozens of people (21?, 75?) are still under the rubble of their homes. (soure, the Guardian,
Ter Harfa: 23 women and children from Marwahin killed in 2 pick-up trucks. (remember?)
Tyre: dozens of families killed in several airstrikes on downtown neighborhoods.
*Qana: today's massacre. (also witnessed massacre of 106 refugees in 1996, by an Israeli raid on a UN shelter, the 1996 massacre, sensitive pictures)

I will post more pictures when available.