Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Spring in Suburbia

Welcome to my personal blog: Lebanize...

Why blog? It is a simple way to keep friends and family (and the world) informed about my whereabouts and state of mind, without having to invade their mailboxes with collective emails...

Why "Lebanize"? We, Lebanese, eventually "Lebanize" everything we experience, sense, or make. It is a word that ought to be in dictionaries, for its wide use in the media (not always in a good sense) and in... blogs. Contribute in spreading it.

Why in English? Although it is not my language of predilection, nor many of my entourage's, it has become, whether we like it or not, a universal language, accessible to everyone.

My current mission? Blogging about my American experience... Cities and suburbs... Sights and thoughts.

Blogito, ergo sum - Je blogue, donc je suis

lebnene_b'amerca -all rights reserved-


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