Friday, May 19, 2006

my shrimp just had a facelift

let's start from the beginning..

last year my parents got me this 'ecosphere' gadget for xmas.. the concept? a micro-ecosystem consisting of a completely closed glass sphere, filled to the 3/4 with water, the rest being air.. in the water, bacteria that feed on organic waste, and algae that provide oxygen and delicious organic matter to the stars of the ecosphere: 4 tiny shrimps, better know under the nickname 'the beatles'.. mainly because of their british accent..

see how it works, looks, and sells.. here

it's been 17 months, and, unfortunately, two of the beatles went dead last summer (we believe one of them was murdered).. but ringo and paul now have plenty of food and oxygen for their own and are living happily ever after..

i took this picture yesterday.. one of the shrimps has recently moulted ("mué" in french).. considering that it's at least 17 months old, and its lifespan will not exceed two years, we can conservatively call the process by its name.. a facelift..

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