Thursday, July 27, 2006

Ain Ebel, Rmeich, completely isolated by Israel's operations, South Lebanon

****WARNING**** No pictures in this post, just read and imagine the scene...

While Condie Rice is playing the piano in Kuala Lumpur, and while a Pet association in the US is campaigning to pressure the US navy to evacuate pets from Lebanon (only pets belonging to Americans, of course), families in southern Lebanon are still being killed and burried under their own houses by Israeli strikes, or what they call "surgical attacks on strategic Hezbollah positions"... Which is also true, given that Hezbollah's strategic advantage in this conflict is the moral and political support from Lebanese southerners...

The map below shows you just how bad this war has been. The South of Lebanon has been turned into a pile of rubble (and human flesh)...

But there's even more...

In a strategy to divide the Lebanese and trick non-chiites into a virtual alliance with them, the Israelis are being careful not to (massively) hit non-chiite villages. Two such villages are the predominantly christian villages of Ain Ebel and Rmeich.

Ain Ebel. Population: 6,000. Incoming "refugees": 10,000.
Rmeich. Population: 8,000. Incoming "refugees": 17,000.

Both villages have been completely cut-out from the world; all roads were destroyed; there is no more water, no food, no medicine, no gas... People are drinking water from (dirty) ponds, and skin diseases are spreading. (source: bbc,

They have been calling from cell phones asking for help. But nothing can be done, since the world is more worried about some Israelis being "treated for shock", or more surprised by cyclist champions being tested positive for doping (duh! old news, get over it).

(the most recent map showing locations and intensity of attacks at this blog: samidoun)

Here, go have some fun.. The invasion of Lebanon is not entertaining anymore anyway... Some sources:
Rice to play piano piece at ASEAN dinner
U.S. Abandons Animals in Lebanon Chaos
Floyd Landis contrôlé positif


At 7/28/2006 8:16 AM, Blogger Κοκκινο Μπαλονι said...

Hey Phil
Link is OK now(but I guess you already know that)
Good greek word:



pronounced ereene or something like that... will we ever see it?

Fuck, I doubt it...

At 7/28/2006 3:36 PM, Anonymous Liliane said...

They're sad because they had to leave their pets?

Now this is just not offending at all. Not offending to those people losing their lives everyday in the south. Nop. Not offending.

They even dared to write an article about it ....


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