Sunday, July 23, 2006

More civilian deaths in Lebanon, Tyre, Srifa



One hospital in Tyre saw its morgue overwhelmed with dozens of bodies (do we need to mention they were all civilians, including dozens of children?), and had to quickly burry 74 bodies in a common grave. (source: albalad newspaper)

After the death of civilians in Marwahin, Ter Harfa, Tyre, others went unnoticed in the international media. In Srifa, a small village in southern Lebanon, 10 houses were destroyed in a series of Israeli strikes, burrying their inhabitants under the rubble. At least 21 are still under the rubble, the Israeli army forbidding anyone from getting close even to give the dead a decent burrial. (source:

Entire residential neighborhoods in the cities of Nabatiye, Tyre, Baalbeck, and the Southern suburbs of Beirut have been destroyed completely.

Other southern villages are completely isolated from the rest of the world. Most roads and bridges were destroyed, electricity and landlines cut off, and food, medicine and water are running out. One such village is Ain Ebel. Noone there dares to leave, fearing airstrikes on anything that moves, and no ambulance nor humanitarian mission dares to get close. (source:

Even the UN "observation mission" in southern Lebanon has chickened out. Two of their posts have been hit by Israeli misiles, and some of their staff were injured. Not to mention their indirect responsibility in the death of civilians in Marwahin (previous post), which makes them want to keep a low profile.

Click to see how Israeli warplanes and helicopters are bombing anything that moves (source: bbc).


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