Monday, August 07, 2006

How you can help - Donations

More than 100,000 displaced inside Lebanon are in urgent need of food, shelter, water, and basic medical supplies.

The following NGO's are non-partisan, working hard in refugee camps, shelters, schools, public parks.. Your help is much needed.
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DONATE ONLINE to the UNICEF's Emergency Relief Efforts in Lebanon.

DONATE ONLINE to Save The Children - UK - The INDEPENDENT Appeal for the Middle East Crisis.

DONATE to the Lebanese Red Cross / Red Crescent:
Acct#: 841500

DONATE ONLINE to the International Committee of the Red Cross -Lebanon Emergency

DON EN LIGNE à la Croix Rouge Française -Crise Humanitaire au Proche-Orient

DONATE ONLINE to the Canadian Red Cross -Lebanon Crisis

DONATE ONLINE to the American Red Cross -Lebanon Relief
OR send a check to:
American Red Cross
PO Box 470934
Cleveland, Ohio 44147
* at bottom left of check write: "For Lebanese Red Cross"

DONATE to Caritas-Liban (blog)

DONATE ONLINE to the Mercy Corps -Lebanon Crisis

DONATE ONLINE to the UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency) -Lebanon Emergency

DONATE ONLINE to World Vision -Lebanon Emergency Relief

DONATE to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul - LIBAN:

DONATE ONLINE to the Society of St. Vincent De Paul
*under Tribute, write: "Lebanese St. Vincent de Paul"

DONATE to the YMCA of Lebanon

DONATE to the Women's Humanitarian Organization

DONATE to Mowatinun

DONATE to Samidoun Relief Center

DONATE to the United Lebanon Foundation

Also visit:
Lebanon Under Siege
Sode Leb .org
Relief Lebanon .org
Save Leb .org

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