Saturday, August 12, 2006

More civilians killed as Israel "widens offensive", Marjeyoun, Akkar, Rachaf

- After capturing the (non-resisting christian) town of Marjeyoun in Southern Lebanon, the Israeli army allowed a convoy of 1300 cars (carrying 4,000 people) to leave the town escorted by UNIFIL personnel and Red Cross staff. The convoy was later hit by 4 Israeli missiles in Kefraya: 7 were killed and 40 injured. (source: L'ORIENT-LEJOUR)

- An air strike on a bridge in Akkar (extreme North) killed 11 civilians and injured 15. (source: An-Nahar)

- TWO Red Cross volunteers were killed by Israeli strikes since the beginning of this war. (AlBalad, caricature by Stavro)

- An air raid on the southern town of Rachaf killed 15 civilians. (source: Guardian, "Israel widens attack despite UN resolution")

- On the Israeli side, and on the first day of the "wide offensive" to reach the Litani river, the Army lost 1 helicopter, several Merkava tanks (mainly in Wadi el Hujair); 15 24 soldiers were killed and 84 85 injured. (source:


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