Tuesday, August 08, 2006

New Israeli attacks: Shiyyah and southern villages, Lebanon


Yesterday, dozens of civilians were killed by airstrikes. Did Israel want revenge for the death of 12 SOLDIERS that were lining up in whats-that-kibbutz-called on the border to invade Lebanon?..

Here is a part of yesterday's civilian death count, according to the RED CROSS:

Shiyyah / Chiyah suburb of Beirut : 29 civilians killed, 75 injured (2 Israeli bombs, 2 residential buildings destroyed)
Village of Brital in Bekaa / Beqaa : 10 civilians killed, 23 injured
Village of Ghaziyyeh near Sidon : 6 civilians killed in one strike, 28 injured. 14 bodies retrieved from under rubble.
Village of Ghassaniyyeh in South: 7 civilians killed burried under their own house.
Village of Houla in South: 5 civilians killed, 60 retrieved ALIVE from shelter.
Village of El-Kfour : 1 mother and her 3-year-old child killed by an Israeli airstrike on their house.
Village of Kfar Tebnit in South : 4 civilians killed, 4 injured.

Today, the death toll kept growing. 13 civilians were killed in another airstrike on Ghaziyyeh, at the same time that the villagers were burrying those killed yesterday..

The strikes hit the Shia town of Ghaziyeh while mourners were holding a funeral procession for 15 people killed in air strikes yesterday, sending around 1,500 people running through the streets in panic.

The population of the town, which lies south of the port city of Sidon, has recently swelled to 23,000 as refugees from the fighting elsewhere in southern Lebanon have poured in.
(from a Guardian article)

(picture of the funeral before the strike, banner reads "this is America and Israel's democracy: massacres and destruction")(source: An-Nahar)

(caricature by Armand Homsi from An-Nahar, http://www.annaharonline.com)

The following are pictures from Shiyyah / Chiyah (journalists no longer have easy access to villages in South Lebanon, just like Humanitarian aid trucks):


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