Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Oil spill...

Some more pictures from the massive oil spill in Lebanon that resulted from Israeli air raids on Fuel reservoirs in Jiyyeh.

15,000 tons od fuel-oil. 150 kms of coastline affected. European and mediterranean states have offered their expertise and equipment. Kuwait too has offered equipment. But don't shout for victory yet. They started "testing" the equipment in the port of Byblos, to make sure it is right for this type of oil.

[I noticed a lot of visitors like to see before/after comparisons. It's sad. But I obey to popular demand.]

Before, summer 2005... (my pictures from a lazy weekday at Edde Sands)

After, summer 2006... (pictures taken from here)


At 8/22/2006 4:24 PM, Blogger shrrr said...

ke personne ne me dise ke cette guerre est entre le hezb et l'israel!!!!le liban est MORT!!!


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